Safety Management

TranSys Research Ltd. offers services in the areas of accident analysis and modelling, operator behaviour, traffic management, driver information systems, and risk assessment and management techniques. Staff and associates possess the detailed knowledge of derailment cause-and-mechanics, and an understanding of the data available and its limitations which are essential in applying risk analysis techniques to railway operations. We have applied our specialized knowledge to the development of risk models and the analysis of data. Recent activities include an analysis of the risks associated with various distances of development adjacent to a specific segment of railroad property; an assessment of the suitability of present dangerous goods train marshalling regulations; a description of the application of risk management techniques to rail safety research; specifications and design considerations for a derailment containment barrier. The tools developed or utilized in the performance of these projects include derailment simulation models, plume dispersion models, explosion pressure wave models, thermal models of tank cars and risk event tree models.
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